Frequently Asked Questions
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Fire Prevention Questions
What are your hours?

A: We are open Monday through Thursday from 7am to 5pm (the permit counter closes at 4:30 pm). We close for lunch every day from 12 to 12:30p.

What number do I call in an emergency?

A: Please call 911 in any emergency.

How do I schedule an inspection?

A: Look at your Fire permit and/or your Fire District approval letter with your assigned inspector and phone number.   

When will my plans be reviewed?

A: Our turnaround time varies depending on how many plans are submitted in a given week. Please call 650-688-8400 to check the status of your review.

What are your submittal requirements?

A: We require 2 sets of plans, an application and a plan review fee. Click here for more information

How do I dispose of a fire extinguisher?

Residential fire extinguishers are typically dry chemical (sodium bicarbonate or monoammonium phosphate) and carbon dioxide, and are not hazardous.  These may be discharged into the regular trash. However, monoammonium phosphate is an irritant to the respiratory tract and to eyes. So, discharge the unit outside, away from kids or pets, wear goggles and a particulate mask. Then recycle the emptied unit as a plastic or metal container. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, make an appointment to bring the extinguisher to the San Mateo County Household Hazardous Waste Program:

Administration and HR
Where can I find the Budget and CAFR?

A. The Budget and CAFR files can be found here

What are your Salaries and Benefits?

A. We list our Salaries, Benefits, and Workers Comp information here

Are there any Job Openings and how do I apply?

We post our Job openings here on our website and as well on the CALOPPS page. The site provides a guide on how to search for an opening and instructions on how to apply.