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Welcome to the Menlo Park Fire Protection District’s (MPFPD) Financial Transparency Portal.  MPFPD, in partnership with OpenGov, is pleased to provide an interactive reporting tool that allows you to explore the District’s financial data online in various, easy-to-use graphical formats selected by the user.

While the District has previously shown its commitment to financial transparency by posting the District’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and Fiscal Year Budget on our website, sometimes additional information may be sought out by citizens. With this easy to use tool, we hope to strengthen the connection between the District and our community members. The District is providing historical financial expenditures and revenues data from FY 2011-12 to the current budgeted year.

General Information about the Menlo Park Fire Protection District:

  • The General Fund is the general operating fund of the District.  It is used to account for all financial resources of the District except those required to be accounted for in another fund.
  • The US&R Special Revenue Fund is used to account separately for funds received and disbursed for Urban Search and Rescue, California Task Force 3.
  • Capital Improvement Projects Fund (CIP) is used for acquisition of property, renovation or complete rebuild of the District’s seven Fire Stations, Administration and Fire Prevention Offices, Annex Building, Special Operations Warehouse, and properties on 28 Almendral Ave. and 2110 Valparaiso.  Included in the CIP funds is a separate fund, “Development Contributions.”   This fund was created and is to be used specifically to account for monies received for the impact on District services associated with new developments.  This fund is committed to be spent on impact mitigation which may include fire station improvements, additional apparatus and/or equipment, or other non-personnel requirements due to developments within the District boundaries.
  • The Debt Service Fund is used to account for accumulation of resources and payments made for the principal and interest on long-term debt to governmental funds.

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