COVID 19 – Pandemic Update

Continuity of Operations - Report will be released every Thursday

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The Menlo Park Fire Protection District, in collaboration with the San Mateo County Health Department are currently taking proactive steps to protect the health of our community from the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Below are some useful informaiton:

What are your local First Responders doing

Fire Chief Harold Schapelhouman – Menlo Park Fire Protection District

While we have never responded to a Pandemic before, the Fire District and our partnering Fire Agencies, local companies and dedicated civilian professionals have been the proud sponsors of California Task Force 3, one of the Countries 28 National Urban Search and Rescue Teams for almost thirty years, representing the Peninsula and Bay Area. During that time, we have had “boots on the ground” at most of the major catastrophic disasters to strike the Country. Now its time to share part of what we have learned with you through the potentially difficult times ahead.

We are “first responders” and not “first reactors”, our goal is to always try and move from a state of chaos to a more calm and rational posture, where a level of command, control and order is maintained, or restored. That’s sometimes easier said than accomplished right away! As an essential fire and emergency service provider, we pride ourselves on having your trust and you knowing that we will be on the front lines of trying to help bring this incident under control and protecting you, your family, property and the communities we proudly serve.

From the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake, to the Oklahoma City Bombing, World Trade Center Collapse, Hurricane Katrina and last year’s search and recovery operations at the Camp Fire in the Town of Paradise, and many more events, we approach each incident always asking the same things, what is our “concept of operations, or mission” and “what is actually going on, or what do we know about situational awareness”. That’s why we created this community dash board, while we attached links to many of the official sites you may have already heard of or have seen, we wanted you to have a place to go daily, or receive under one of our social media platforms, to find local information that could affect you and/or us, your first responders. 

As the Fire Chief, my job is to work directly for you and believe me, I take that very seriously! The Fire District is governed by five elected Board members who are passionate about their service and your safety. For over 100 years we have provided critical fire and emergency services to our areas in the Town of Atherton, Cities of East Palo Alto and Menlo Park along with our unincorporated County Areas. In the last decade, we have also contracted emergency services to the SLAC National Accelerator and Laboratories.

Today we opened our operations center, so we can daily provide you with updated information. In the days ahead, we will be greatly expanding our “Business Sector” so you can find out how to order food in order to help patronize and save our local businesses. From where to get fuel, to other needed services and supplies. We will also explain what we are doing and why, so we can support keeping you and your families safe, but equally important, informed! I also want to hear from you, what else would you like to know and what questions you may have about what we are doing, or if someone needs our help. Our firefighters are here to do whatever it takes to protect and preserve life and property from the impact of fire, disaster, injury and illness.

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