Station 77
1467 Chilco St.
Menlo Park, CA 94025

st77.JPG Station 77 for the Menlo Park Fire District is located in East Menlo Park. The construction of Station 77 was completed in 1998. The Architects of the project were CJW Architecture. The contractors used for this part of the project were Gonsalves and Stronck. Station 77 was designed as a multi-bay Station.

Station 77 is manned by three firefighting personnel (one Captain and two firefighters), and two shop personnel (Fleet Manager and Mechanic). Operated out of Station 77 is Engine 77, a 2001 Pierce Saber Engine that was designed by the District's Apparatus Committee. Also out of Station 77, the District operates an Air Boat, USAR Vehicles and other various Utility Vehicles owned by the District. Station 77 Engine.jpg

Included in this site is a new modern shop facility. The District has two mechanics on staff that perform all maintenance on apparatus and equipment. This shop facility is equipped with all necessary systems to protect the environment.

Station 77 Airboat.jpg


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