Station 1
300 Middlefield Road
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Station 1 in the Menlo Park Fire Protection District serves the City of Menlo Park and parts of the Town of Atherton. In addition to it's response area in the Fire District, Engine 1 and Truck 1 also respond into Palo Alto as part of mutual aid.

st1.JPG Station 1 was designed by Leslie I. Nichols A.I.A. and built in 1955 by Sibley G & I Company.

After the Loma Prieta earthquake, the Fire District began to study the District's buildings for earthquake sturdiness. During that study, it was determined that Station 1 needed some reinforcing. The District's seismic upgrade project team worked very closely with the Architects, CJW Architecture, and the Contractors, Beals & Martin and Associates, to a successful conclusion in 1996.

Engine 1 is staffed by a Captain and 2 firefighters. Truck 1 is staffed by a Captain and 3 firefighters. One of the personnel on Engine 1 and Truck 1 is also a licensed paramedic providing the citizens of Station 1's response Station1.JPG area an Advanced Life Support Engine or Truck.

Station 1 is also the District's Administration Offices. The Fire Chief, with his support staff, have offices here that allows them to keep close communication with each other. Also, the Fire District has one of their two classroom facilities at Station 1. Along with training classes for District employees, the Fire District Board of Directors normally hold their monthly meetings in this classroom.

The District's Fire Prevention offices are located a block away from Station 1. The Fire Marshal and his staff handle all the prevention, education, inspection and inventory. With the increase in building activity in the District, his staff can be found in the field meeting with Contractors at job sites, and providing inspection specifics on their projects.

Three firefighting apparatus are housed at Station 1. Truck 1 is the District's aerial ladder truck. It's 100' ladder is pre-plumbed for elevated water application.

Station1-Rescue.jpg Rescue 1 is a specialized piece of equipment. It carries a variety of equipment for all kinds of rescue operations. Also carried on this vehicle is the Jaws of Life rescue tool that is used to extricate trapped victims in vehicle accidents. Rescue 1 is available for special response, by utilizing the firefighters from E1 and Truck 1.

Station 1 is also the Station where the Battalion Chief and Shift Division Chief is located. The Chief Officer works the 24 hr shift, just as the firefighters. The command vehicle is a specially equipped Chevy Suburban.


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