Station 5
4101 Fair Oaks Avenue
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Station 5 in the Menlo Park Fire Protection District serves the North Fair Oaks area of the Fire District and unincorporated areas of Redwood City. Since it's response area borders Redwood City, Engine 5 is one of the Engines that provides automatic aid to the Redwood City Fire Department.

st5.JPG The original Station 5 was erected in 1952 under the tenure Fire Chief Thomas Cuff. It was designed by Architect Leslie I. Nichols A.I.A., and the Contractors were Bernard & Lehr.

Following the Loma Prieta earthquake, the District embarked on a project that would look at the earthquake worthiness of the District's Stations. During this project, it was determined that the original Station 5 would need to be replaced since it wasn't up to seismic standards of today.

The new building was completed in 1998 under the guidance of the District's project team. The team included someone from management and the Architectural firm of CJW Architecture.  The Contractors for the project were Gonsalvo & Stronck. Be sure to go by and take a look at one of the District's new modern fire houses.

Station 5 is a single company Station that is manned by three personnel comprised of a Captain and two firefighters. One of the three personnel will also be a licensed paramedic providing Advanced Life Savings capabilities. Station 5 Engine.gif

Engine 5 is a 2000 Pierce Saber. It is a combination type vehicle which means it carries ladders, hoses, has a water tank and a pump. The District's Apparatus Committee designed this apparatus.


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