Public Education

Fire Prevention and Safety Education Programs

The Menlo Park Fire Protection District will provide fire and safety education for any business, school, resource center and age group. We will custom design a program for your age group, business or topic and time. Please call the Fire Prevention Bureau at 650-688-8400 to schedule an appointment for your fire and safety education program.

Safely Home Child Passenger Safety Program

Research finds that nearly 3 out of 4 car seats are misused and over 90% of new parents are using their car seats incorrectly on their first ride home from the hospital.

The Menlo Park Fire Protection District in partnership with Safe Kids provides proper child seat installation. If you would like to reserve an appointment please sign up on the link below.

Please also contact your local CHP or local law enforcement agency for possible car seat installation.

Sound the Alarm

Smoke alarms should be present on every floor of your home, in every bedroom, and in every hallway.
Menlo Park Fire Protection District in partnership with the Red Cross provides free smoke alarms and installation to community members within our District in need. 

Firefighters In Safety Education

Firefighters In Safety Education is a program the Menlo Park Fire Protection District to children from Pre-K to 3rd grade.  This program teaches children about 911, Tools and Toys, Smoke Alarms, Stay Low and Go and Firefighters are our Friends.

Remembering When

Remembering When is a fire and fall prevention program for aging adults.

Bicycle Safety

The Menlo Park Fire Protection District does not issue bicycle licenses.  Please visit your local police department for more information about obtaining a bicycle license.


Helping Hugs Teddy Bear Program

The goal is to provide a teddy bear or other stuffed animal to each child involved at the scene of an accident or traumatic incident. A teddy bear is given to youngsters to relieve some of the trauma and confusion children experience when involved in car accidents, fires, or other traumatic situations. This makes the firefighter’s job a little easier by comforting the child and building a trust or bond with the child thus enabling a less-stressful and more thorough evaluation of the child’s injuries or comfort during a stressful situation.

Burn Prevention

Hot water burns like fire. Turn your hot water heater down to a comfortable temperature to prevent unnecessary scalds and burns. Always supervise children with water and teach them to turn on the cold water first, then the hot to make the water warm. Test bath water before putting children in to bathe.

Fire Safety In Your Home