PRESS RELEASE – December 11, 2019 The First All-Electric Fire Engine Has Arrived!

The First All-Electric Fire Engine Has Arrived!

Menlo Park Fire Protection District

Pictured above - The Rosenbauer first ever All Electric Concept Fire Truck (CFT) has arrived in Menlo Park – Credit Menlo Fire

Pictured above – The Rosenbauer All Electric Concept Fire Truck (CFT) has arrived in Menlo Park



You are invited to the first ever All Electric Rosenbauer Concept Fire Truck (CFT) demonstration on December 11 -12, 2019 in Menlo Park, California. The center and heart of Silicon Valley and it’s amazing and innovative technology sector. For those who think an all-electric vehicle like a Tesla, Chevy Volt, Prius or other environmentally responsible vehicles are cool and the future. 


Come see this new revolutionary and amazing All-Electric Fire Engine at the Menlo Park Fire Protection District with its new robotic firefighting device.





December 11, 2019 – Fire Station 1 – 300 Middlefield Road

  • 5 pm – 8 pm – Invitation Only - CFT viewing for dignitaries, local elected officials, Fire Chiefs and Tech Sector representatives (Media Invited)
  • 8 pm – 9 pm – Night operations – emergency lighting demonstration for key officials and decision makers (Media Invited)


December 12, 2019 – Fire Station 6 – Downtown Menlo Park – 700 Oak Grove and Hoover Street

  • 1 pm – 5 pm – Community open house – residents, local businesses, school programs (Media Invited)


December 12, 2019 – Fire Station 1:

  • 6 pm – 7 pm – Special Public Board Meeting –Rosenbauer presentation and draft agreement information (Media Invited)



Fire Chief Schapelhouman says “why does an All-Electric Fire Engine make sense for a municipal Fire Agency like ours”


Typically, Fire Engines only travel short distances before returning to their home base, or Fire Station, so electric motors make perfect sense!


Most emergencies only last 30 minutes or less and this Engine can be shut down once it arrives at the Incident, so an electric motor is very practical, efficient and environmentally responsible!


Over 90% of all emergencies are short duration incidents, like medical incidents, vehicle accidents, alarm soundings and other calls, so demand on the power supply and battery is minimal!


Diesel is currently used to power most Fire Engines, but it is a carcinogen (cancer causing) which is bad for the health of the public, our first responders and our responsible stewardship of the air we all breath.


Electric vehicles have fewer moving parts which not only results in less wear and tear, but also maintenance, which often creates costly “down-time” that can compromise our emergency readiness, response, reliability and overall public safety.


This electric vehicle will be equipped with a redundant battery system and small booster motor for longer duration responses and incidents like fire calls, where greater reliability for an essential and critical emergency response vehicle is needed!


An all-electric Fire Engine is both environmentally and socially responsible because of the potential impacts on world-wide climate change and its associated challenges that we are directly dealing with here in California, like wild fires, sea rise and flooding


Everyone trusts and respects firefighters, that’s why we are helping to not only lead the way when it comes to embracing such a revolutionary change in our first response capabilities, but also our environmental stewardship of the communities overall health and welfare, which is so critically important to the greater good of the communities we serve and protect!

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